training, education, instruction, installation, maintenance, repair, safe, relevant, secure, productivity, accountability, accuracy supports service organizations and training centers to calculate the efficiency of Augmented Reality instructions. We create new service- and business models that will increase the service performance all over the world. We help to build useful functionalities for your customers, service network and employees. focusses on Augmented Reality for education, training and instruction in relation to operation, installation, inspection, maintenance and repair.

This website shows organizations how the next level service, education and instructions looks like.

But how do you get from paper instructions to Augmented Reality instructions? How can you benefit from Augmented Reality? We would like to share our experience with you. For more information, please contact us! 1

Training/ Education

3D visualization, Step-by-step Augmented Reality instructions, and dynamic-interactive Augmented Reality video simulations.

Industrial monitoring, training, and guided repair and maintenance.

Support for installation, repair and maintenance

Monitoring, training, and guided (field) installation, repair and maintenance, and enhances research and exploration.

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