We let your products come to live


Augmented and mixed reality is a disruptive technology that will change the way customers experience your products and services.

We give you insight into impact and effects this technology has for your business and help you develop future proof service- and business concepts


We offer


quick scans 

we scan the possibilities of augmented and mixed reality within your organisation

business case

together with you we secure the ROI on your AR en MR investment

content production

we create 3d and animated content

software development

We have a team of international skilled developers

training and implementation

we secure a successful usage


we secure follow up and become a part of your organization

Our approach


To understand your customer we get in to the skin of the target audience. We analyse the users / customers requirement, behavior and pitfalls

user centric

to make sure we understand the user

user journey

to facilitate the user in all aspects


to ensure your customer is involved and a part of the solution

JIT information

sharing only relevant information


information in context to eliminate mis-communication and mis-interpretation

Who we are

We have a no-nonsense mentality, but establish unique solutions for you and your customer. In our team we have assist managers, HR specialists, process analysts, information managers, BIM specialists, mechanical engineers and learning and development coaches, marketing and sales specialists.

Our panel experts are our children. Our proposals and solutions are tested by the next generation users.


“We get a refection on our current processes through our children. Their honest opinion and open minds helps to build next generation solutions”

More information

Do you want to know more about the possibilities of augmented and mixed reality? At our blog page you will find inspiration. If you are inspired we can help you to answer all your questions?

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